Pastor Cathleen Getchell is an imperfect individual, saved by grace, who strives to cultivate & spread the love of Christ. She has committed her life to serving God and others in His name.  She has been in active ministry for 15 years and has served as the Free Methodist pastor to the people of the Kingscourt neighbourhood since August of 2013. Her passion for discipleship and spiritual growth, fuels her calling to help people walk in the fullness of their relationship with Christ. Her heart for others compels her to help reach those in need.  She has served as the chair of the Kingston Street Truck Mission, and has been on several missions’ trips. She has ministered to the homeless and impoverished in New York City and Toronto, those devastated by Hurricane Katrina in Bogalusa and Mississippi, served the orphans and those living with AIDS in Malawi Africa, preached in India and Thailand, served in the AIDS clinic and taught in the villages of Cambodia. In addition to her position as lead pastor, she also serves as the chaplain at St. Lawrence College. Seeing people filled with the joy of the Lord, living for God to their fullest potential, while allowing the Holy Spirit to use her in some small way in the transformation of lives and communities brings her the GREATEST Joy!

Pastor Cathleen Getchell

 Official Board:

Brian (chair)
Eunice (treasurer)
Gericho (delegate)
Donna (member-at-large)
Bess (member-at-large)
Stephen (member-at-large)
Brad (member-at-large)